Exploring the Laughing Crow Artisans Gallery as they Support Artists and Photographers

Great works of art make us happy. Art is an essential aspect of human life, as it helps us to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. However, it can be challenging for artists to find platforms to showcase their work and reach their target audience. This is where art galleries come into play. Art galleries provide a space for artists to showcase their work and connect with potential buyers. The Laughing Crow Artisans Art Gallery is a gallery that has been providing a platform for artists.

The Laughing Crow Artisans Art Gallery is a community art gallery previously located in Springer, New Mexico and is now an online gallery which dramatically expands the gallery’s reach. The gallery supports emerging and established artists by showcasing their work and providing a platform for them to connect with art collectors, buyers, and enthusiasts. The gallery focuses on traditional and contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, photography, and more.

One of the ways the Laughing Crow Artisans Art Gallery supports artists is by providing them with a space to showcase their work. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions and events, where artists can display their work and interact with potential buyers. This not only helps artists to gain exposure but also provides them with an opportunity to receive feedback on their work and connect with other artists.

The Laughing Crow Artisans Art Gallery also provides artists with marketing and promotional support. The gallery promotes the work of its artists through its website, social media platforms, and other marketing channels. This helps to raise the profile of the artists and attract potential buyers to their work.

I have a personal connection to the gallery, as one of my photographs was selected as a finalist in the Laughing Crow Artisans Art Gallery competition, Coyotes and Wolves (https://www.laughingcrowartisans.com/coyotes-and-wolves-art-competition-winners ). I hear repeatedly from my photography friends that entering competitions or getting their work out in the public is a scary step to take. I understand, I have been there. But I highly recommend that you take a chance. Find a local competition or gallery, talk with the organizers or owners, and be a part of supporting local artists and artisans. Learn more about the Laughing Crow Artisans Art Gallery at https://www.laughingcrowartisans.com/shop-art 

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